Friday, November 25, 2011

Spain - Summary

The main reason we travel so often is because it’s the only time we can focus on our creative writing projects.  At home, our stress level is too high to let the creativity flow -  it’s work, and phone calls, and everything but writing.  Otherwise it wouldn’t have taken me 2 weeks to get back to the blog with my final thoughts.  So hush, phone.

We soak up the endless creativity displayed around the ship.  The room stewards make cute little animals out of towels.  They used to do this every night, now it seems they do it every-other night.  They arrange them on the bed, along with the daily Cruise Compass (detailed list of all the activities for the day and any other pertinent info), when they do their nightly turn-down and room touch-up.  For example:
If you happen to leave your shades lying about, they usually become part of the act.  Bruce likes to clown around, and posed with a few of our towel critters.
The chefs express their creativity in the presentation of food and decorations made from food.  The midnight buffet is their time to really shine.  Didn’t their mothers tell them not to play with their food?

Question:  How much sushi could a sushi-lover eat if the sushi-lover could eat sushi for free?  This is an example of the sushi available at the Windjammer buffet every night.
And ice carving is always a crowd-pleaser.  This chef honored our country’s veterans on Veteran’s Day by carving this lovely Eagle.
So now to sum up our thoughts and observations:

  • Every town in Spain has 3 things:  a Plaza España, one or more very large and very beautiful cathedrals, and some sort of ruins (either an ancient theater or a castle, or both)
  • Spanish people are generally fit, trim, and stunningly beautiful. 
  • Neither hotel we stayed in provided face cloths.  I was soooo glad to see them when we got to the ship.
  • The Mediterranean Sea seemed really green and murky to me, compared to the crystal aquamarine of the Caribbean. 
  • I was ECSTATIC to find Nutella, my newest addiction, in Spain and on the ship.
  • Each day the temp was a bit warmer as we sailed across the Atlantic.  Overall, we couldn’t have asked for better weather.
  • We’re always sad when it’s time to disembark the ship.  This time was no different.
  • As our plane took off over the Atlantic, I looked down and saw Lady Liberty sailing away with her new passengers.
  • And, according to astrology, we ended our trip with a full moon for good luck.  The sunset was the brightest red/orange that I’ve ever seen.
It’s weird to be back on land.  You don’t have to adjust your balance to walk around, dishes don’t magically disappear from the table, and we actually have to cook.  It was nice to connect with our families for Thanksgiving, but we already have itchy feet.  We’re off to Cabo San Lucas for our annual trip.  We’ll be home just in time for Christmas.

We don’t have our next cruises booked yet, but we’re thinking about them.  So stay tuned…

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