Monday, November 7, 2011

Days 13, 14 & 15 - Ahhhhhh, sea days rock!

We’ve fallen into our sea day routine now and are enjoying these relaxing days.  We’re 871 miles from the Azores (nearest land) with 11,200 feet of water under the keel.  Liberty only needs 29 feet in order to float, as the Captain always says.  Weather-wise, we’ve managed to avoid the storm for the most part.  We’ve had periods of rolling seas and cloudy skies, but we’re enjoying sun and fun more than half the time.  We’re doing about 18 knots so there’s a little wind.  It’s 71 degrees.

When we booked the cruise, we just booked it as “inside room guarantee”.  That means that they assign us whatever room is left over.  It’s the cheapest way to go and that’s how we travel – cheap.  We got cabin 6307 – overlooking the Royal Promenade. 
 Using the deck plans from the website, I had estimated our cabin to be directly above the Cupcake Cupboard.  Well, I was off by 1 cabin.  We’re actually over Ben & Jerry’s ice cream shop.  Can you see Bruce in the window?
Can you also see the cows?  Here’s the funny thing about them.  The people in cabin 6305 (next to us) have a beautiful view of the cows’ ass-ets.  In order to compensate for this, they have named the cabin “Ben & Jerry’s Sweet”. No kidding!  Here's the sign on the door.
The room is decorated with cows and sheep – porcelain statues on the shelves, a border wallpaper, pillows on the bed and couch, photos on the walls, etc.  We got a peek inside, it’s crazy!  I personally wouldn’t want to sacrifice all that space taken up by that stuff.  But it’s kind of a status symbol to get that cabin and people actually fight over it!

Our stateroom attendant is Christopher – from Jamaica, mon.  He’s taking very good care of us and we’re having fun kidding with him.  Ya, mon.  We be jammin’, mon.

Happy Hour with over 2,000 of our fellow Diamond and Diamond Plus friends has continued to be insanity.  The room is packed and usually SRO.  Bruce made friends with Kyle, a bartender from Trinidad and Tobago.  Kyle has a unique way of serving beer.  He gets the can to stick to the palm of his hand and he can turn it upside-down without dropping it.  Bruce has tried for days to figure out how he does it.  Last night he finally got it!!  I’ll try to get a picture tonight – assuming he wasn’t a one-hit wonder, that is.

There are so many activities to choose from - if you want to keep busy.  But many people, like us, opt for our own agenda.  The first day, Bruce had to work for several hours.  I completed some revisions to one of my screenplays and sent it to my agent for review.  Fingers crossed that we get some interest on it.

Yesterday and today we’ve been working on our new screenplay.  We’re making an outline of the plot, defining the characters, and establishing motives for their actions.  We have a very powerful opening scene that’ll just knock your socks off.  We have an ending that we’re aiming for.  Now it’s the hard work of everything that goes in the middle.  The genre is “psychological thriller” and it’s having that affect on me for sure.  I get creeped out just doing the research.  We’ve been kicking this idea around for about 6 months and have debated whether we should even write it.  I kept trying to push the idea aside, but it won’t go away.  So, we’re going to write it and see where it goes.  It’s on a par with “Silence of the Lambs”.  The main character is pure evil. 

Well, speaking of writing, I should shift gears and get back to the screenplay.  Stay tuned…

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